‘Palomino’ Blackwing Pencils – Standard Releases Guide

This post is simply a record of the current standard releases, in my collection, to-date. Cal Cedar appear to have dropped the ‘Palomino’ part of the brand, but I’ve just kept it here for clarity.

There are a couple of things I have not included in this guide:

  • Any Volumes edition e.g. 24, 1138.
  • Any Collaboration e.g. TWA, Diana.
  • Any Special edition e.g. Chuck Jones, 1917, the ‘mini’.
  • Any minor amendment that wasn’t part of a major design change e.g. adjusting the printing so there is less gold flecking on the early gold band Blackwings.
  • Any Eberhard Faber / Faber Castell Blackwing – for obvious reasons.

I have also included two in-house tests that did not make it to release, because they are cool.

I originally made this photo without the 4 pencils with the latest design and have now updated it to include them. I also made a few tweaks to the dates.

All dates are taken from the Blackwings Blog or the Timberlines Blog (which are both good sources of information generally). There might be a day or two of ‘window’ for dates, if there were any soft releases or leaks.

This is not meant to be gospel, just a ballpark guide to help those interested; so if you think something is out by a day or so, that’s cool.


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