The Civil Service Pencil

The Civil Service pencil is a bit of an off-shoot from the HMSO pencils.  As such, I've found that normally they are also stamped with the Stationery Office lettering, but not always. Stamping or not, they were procured and supplied by the HMSO. What I would say is that the Civil Service pencils tend to... Continue Reading →

Thomas De La Rue’s Ledger Pencil

Most people will be familiar with De La Rue, usually though: (i) playing cards; (ii) printing money; or (iii) Onoto pens.  As you could probably guess, I'm going to focus on their woodcased pencils and on this occasion the 'ledger pencil'. Whilst I couldn't find a direct reference to the ledger pencils, they are very... Continue Reading →

Thomas Wilson’s Cumberland Pencil Co

Let’s talk about the Cumberland Pencil Co; not the one that directly went on the become 'Derwent' and has a pencil museum, the other one.  Keswick pencil history can be a little confusing at times but I've tried to piece a few things around today's example from the collection. Originally run as 'R. Wilson &... Continue Reading →

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