E Wolff & Son’s Academy Chalk Pencil

Today we take a look at E Wolff & Son's 'Academy Chalk' pencils. I've  come across three variations of this pencil; the two older versions featured in this post and the more modern version, as seen on Bob Truby's site here. A quick reminder about Wolff's pencils in general: pencils with right-to-left lettering are almost... Continue Reading →

Faber-Castell Royal Metal Edition

Faber have produced a lot of special editions and limited editions over the years, most of which are not advertised very well. It can be tricky trying to track them all down, but a fun task nonetheless. According to the kind people at Faber, the Royal Metal Edition was released in 1988 and sold in... Continue Reading →

Faber Castell M grade pencil

Ah, the elusive A.W. Faber-Castell M grade pencil... This pencil was unbelievably difficult to track down, almost to the point where I (and some other pencil collectors I know) started to question whether it actually got produced at all. Saying as it turns up so rarely, I thought it would be good to put some... Continue Reading →

B. S. Cohen’s Account Book Pencil

This post is mainly about the Cohen version of the Account Book pencil, but I've decided to show some other examples as well as it seems like a good place to display them. First thing of note, the Account Book pencil from Cohen is an extension of the Compressed Cumberland Lead model; it is just... Continue Reading →

E Wolff and Son’s Toughened Lead pencils

The 'Royal Sovereign' pencil is very popular amongst collectors and for good reason.  There are lots of variations to make the hunt interesting, with particularly early models commanding high prices these days (rather unfortunately). You can read a pretty lengthy post about that particular pencil here. The thing is, the Royal Sovereign pencil (sort of)... Continue Reading →

Eagle Pencil Company 1958 Price List

Another short post today.  This time we have the Eagle Pencil Company's UK price list from 1958 As i mentioned on the Cumberland Pencil Co price list post, you could just download the pictures in this post, but I’d prefer if you came back here to review the catalogues instead! Enjoy! Quite a small selection... Continue Reading →

Cumberland Pencil Co. Limited Catalogue

Just a quick post today, but an interesting one none the less.  As promised, I'm going to start uploading copies of various pencil catalogues onto the blog.  Old catalogues, particularly for British makers, are difficult to come by and so it could be a helpful resource for collectors. As with all the images on the... Continue Reading →

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