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I’ve decided to create this as a way to expand on my interest in pencils.  With so many pencils I own just sitting stored away, I realised that it would be fun to delve into the stash, come up with some interesting info behind them and then present it on here for anyone who might have a similar interest.

What you will find on here will be my general thoughts on vintage pencils, limited editions, rare pencils, and if all goes to plan, I hope to also write some small pieces on various historical materials I find during my researching.

I’ll also attempt to put some decent photos of the pencils up too.  I just use my phone camera without a tripod, so don’t expect miracles here.

This blog is purely personal and so I have no intentions to ever become a product tester / reviewer for new products coming out.  That said, if something new comes out and I think it’s pretty cool, I might put some thoughts up here.

If you want to get the low down on a latest release or a solid comparison review on a whole bunch of different pencils, there are a couple of excellent blogs that already do that kind of thing and I recommend you go take a look.

I’m always up for chatting about pencils and being involved in trades or swap boxes. I also try and attend the two pens shows in London each year and have ran small pencil meetups at these.  Feel free to get in touch using the contact page.

I’m keeping everything here, so there wont be a Facebook, Instagram, Etsy etc.  for this blog.  You will however find me over at the Erasable Group on Facebook.

Please note, all content on this website is owned by me, unless otherwise stated.  Reproduction without prior request is prohibited, so play nice and ask first.


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