Faber Castell NFL pencils

Superbowl season is upon us and once again, my Colts aren’t making an appearance…

It’s a good opportunity to dig out these Faber Castell NFL pencils. I don’t collect novelty pencils, but these are a small exception, especially as they are branded Faber Castell.

Nice to see older teams like the pre 1988 St. Louis Cardinals and the pre 1984 Baltimore Colts. My Los Angeles Rams pencil is accurate again, although this pencil probably relates to the pre 1995 team.

If you have any other of the missing teams drop me a line!

As for the Colts; there’s always next year…

2 thoughts on “Faber Castell NFL pencils

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  1. Wow! I had totally forgotten about those pencils. When I was in the fourth grade, we had a pencil machine that had those in it. I used to have a bunch of them.


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