Cumberland Pencil Co. Limited Catalogue

Just a quick post today, but an interesting one none the less.  As promised, I’m going to start uploading copies of various pencil catalogues onto the blog.  Old catalogues, particularly for British makers, are difficult to come by and so it could be a helpful resource for collectors.

As with all the images on the site, you could just download them, but I’d prefer if you came back here to review the catalogues instead!

I’ve got the majority of the pencils listed within this catalogue in my collection, but there are a few I’d still like to acquire.  I’ve set them out below; if you have any please do get in touch!

Currently searching for different barrel colours of the J.P. 1 ‘John Peel’, other than blue.

Currently searching for the 101 ‘Fleetwing’.

Currently searching for the 131 ‘Special Shorthand’.

Currently searching for the 226 ‘Subbing’.

Currently searching for the 216 ‘Honister’.

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